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Exactly. I bought two of these cards because they are low powered. Being a non-powerful card also means that they literally use much less electrical power. In fact, I spent a little extra to get the PowerColor GoGreen version of the HD5450, which uses even less power than the normal version, mainly due to PowerColor replacing the voltage regulators with better ones. They accelerate Compiz on Ubuntu just fine, which is all I want. The CPUs on these PC's are going to be using enough power as it is, crunching almost 24/7 on BOINC projects and Folding@home.
I will just guess but I suspect he doesn't mean electricity or wattage...

The Radeon 5450 is not a powerful card... integrated cards (Intel HD 3000 for e.g.) are outperforming it now.

AMD is also re-badging their cards now like Nvidia so it's easy to be a bit disappointed (putting it mildly) in video cards nowadays (both Nvidia and ATI/AMD are doing this).