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Thread: So Are There Radeon HD 2000 / R600 Linux Drivers?

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    Default So Are There Radeon HD 2000 / R600 Linux Drivers?

    Quote Originally Posted by Phoronix
    It's late, but it's finally here. This morning AMD will be formally announcing their long-awaited Radeon HD 2000 series, or perhaps better known as the ATI R600 GPU. The AMD Radeon HD 2000 series features DirectX 10.0 (well, for those that use Microsoft products), Avivo HD, a programmable tessellation unit, CrossFire support, and much more. This morning we have our technology preview of ATI/AMD's next generation GPUs along with what's in store for Linux and the R600 series support.

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    ati did it again - r600 support will be delayed. what would windows users think if they got the card without the drivers?

    if that means "trying harder" in ati, i'm getting worried thinking about their promises of trying harder for a better linux drivers.

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