After D-Link's previous WiFi phone, they have now announced yet another mobile phone they will soon be pushing to the market. The D-Link V-Click is an unlocked Linux mobile phone, with dual-mode GSM / 802.11 Wifi support. The phone can not only use the Wifi for VoIP needs, but the phone will also ship with the Opera mobile web browser. It also supports email and all other needs. The price is quite steep though at approximately $600 USD, and won't be available until Q1'07.

* Wi-Fi® profile roaming for uninterrupted service between wireless zones
* Opera Mobile™ browser for hot spot log-in and Web surfing
* Email functionality - 50 emails can be stored in up to 10 accounts
* Large color screen display with 176 by 220 pixels
* Sleek, compact form factor (height, 4.17", width, 1.73", depth, .75"; weight, 3.32 oz)
* Smart text input
* Talk time - up to 5 hours GSM, 2 hours 802.11 wireless mode
* Messages - up to 30 messages can be stored at 459 characters each
* Phonebook - up to 300 contacts
* Data storage - up to 24 megabytes for documents, images, music and video files.
* Tasks - stores up to 100 entries
* Calendar - up to 100 events, 160 letters per event
* Charging - 3 hours, first time charge 8 hours
* Compact design with internal antenna
* Power-saving mode for maximum standby and talk time

Since the phone is unlocked and looks quite interesting, I am personally thinking of picking up one next year once they are available. It looks quite interesting nonetheless.