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Thread: OpenGL profiling

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    Default OpenGL profiling

    Mark Kilgard has followed up last year’s GTC presentation on OpenGL3.2 with a new presentation on OpenGL4.1. I’ve embedded it above for you to see.

    Presented as a pre-conference tutorial at the GPU Technology Conference in San Jose on September 20, 2010. Learn about NVIDIA’s OpenGL 4.1 functionality available now on Fermi-based GPUs.

    In the presentation he covers some of the new OpenGL profiling and debugging tools you can find in Parallel NSight, Cg3.0, and much more in the 113 slides. It’s also posted online for downloas as a 17Meg PPT file. Developers can download NVidia’s beta OpenGL4.1 driver here.
    Gtc 2010 open_gl.

    Maybe we will soon see some nice improvements in the open source drivers!!!

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    thanks, this could be interesting

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