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I don't know what you consider to be "moderate hardware" but a SSD surely is not in my book. As for being slow on start up: Open Office requires three times the time it takes MS Office 2010 to start up in whine on my net-book. I'd say that's pretty bad.

I haven't found one yet in 2010 and I have been using that since release. We have found a couple of them in OO and that was only in one week. Sure, MS Office has bugs but they aren't getting in my way. The ones in OO are. Crashing or hanging or layout that won't change anymore is something that should really be looked into. It is not something minor.

As for the ribbon interface; it works great but it was not what I was aiming at. MS Office 2003 is also more intuitive then OO. Things just aren't always logical in the OO menu's to me. And yes, it is a matter of taste. But it was a general consensus over here so I guess that counts for something.

Are you going to be all hostile now because I was not telling something nice about Openoffice?
I'm pretty sure I can live with that, and spare you any "hostility".
It's just that your observations don't match with mine. The "moderate hardware" is a two-year old desktop with bog-standard hd. As I said: It's around two to three seconds (I just re-checked it: The very first start takes around 4 to 5 seconds, subsequent starts around two seconds). I don't have Office 2010 available, but a 2007 edition on Win 7 and identical hardware is definitely not noticably faster. (Working frequently with Zend Studio/Eclipse anything under 10 seconds is negligible.) Even on my backup PC (5 yrs old) I haven't noticed any slow startups of OO.

Since you are running MSOffice 2010 under Wine: why are you complaining about the "lack of good software" - after all you do have a choice.