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Thread: Phoronix Readers Help With Nouveau Power Management

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    Default Phoronix Readers Help With Nouveau Power Management

    Phoronix: Phoronix Readers Help With Nouveau Power Management

    If you thought you had to be an advanced computer programmer to be of significant help with an open-source project, especially when it comes to something very technical like a graphics processor driver, guess again. The Nouveau developers send their regards to those of you that submitted dumps of their video BIOS and strap registers in order to help them with their reverse-engineering of memory timing manipulation for the Nouveau driver...

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    Hey, that's true. Almost anyone dedicated can start working on nouveau.

    Please have a look at this wiki page I wrote:

    Just show up on IRC (#nouveau on freenode) and ask the mentors assigned to each task what you can do

    As simple as that. The only thing we ask for is for you to be sure you want to dedicate some time on the project if you want to start development or Reverse Engineering.

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