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Thread: Performance of the S3 Chrome 435 ULP in Linux

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    Default Performance of the S3 Chrome 435 ULP in Linux

    Hi there,

    I'm considering buying this board:
    VIA VB8003 Mini-ITX Mainboard

    And it's got an S3 Chrome 435 ULP chip as integrated video.

    Does anyone know what the performance of this chip is like in Linux?

    Is it capable of 1080p video output to one of two 1920x1200 screens when it's in dual display mode, without dropping frames, in Linux?

    I've seen videos of this board and chip outputting HD video to five screens at once, but it was definitely in Windows.

    What is the 3D performance of this chip like?


    - Neil

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    3D performance is decent, at least in windows. I've used a laptop (fujitsu S6420) with a 430 ULP and it's able to play L4D2 at 1280X1024 lowest settings. Quite surprised actually, but that was in windows.

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