I've installed newest fglrx drivers via jockey (my system is kubuntu 10.10 and my graphic card is radeon HD 3470). It's 10.10 version which is not available on amd's site yet. However I have some problems with it
3D acceleration seems to work fine (glxgears shows over 300 fps) but there are problems with window manager. Windows don't move smooth, the same is when I resize windows, switch desktops or scroll window content (e.g. website in browser).
Another problem is with hibernation/suspending. It takes few minutes to resume (every resume is longer than previous one) - during this time system performs some heavy disk operation and it's nearly impossible to do anything due to huge slow down. During it I tried
free -m
few times and it looked like system was moving a lot of data from physical memory to swap.
Are there any solutions for those problems? When I was using open source drivers everything was fine with hibernation.