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Thread: Radeon 9600 slow or it freezes my PC

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    Default Radeon 9600 slow or it freezes my PC

    My old laptop has a
    radeon RV350 (mobility Radeon 9600 M10) graphics card.

    Unfortunately this chip is too old to be supported by an fglrx version which is compatible with recent kernels (2.6.34, at least).

    Therefore I am using the xf86-video-ati driver on
    my OpenSuse-11.3 system.

    Now, when booting with the (default) radeon.modeset=1
    the graphics is dead slow (not only for glxgears : 200 frame/s but for
    my OpenGL application (Impressive), as well).
    glxinfo shows that there is no direct rendering.

    Now, when I replace the option on the kernel command line to
    radeon.modeset=0 or nomodeset, glxgears is much faster ( about 1800 frames/s ) and glxinfo shows that direct rendering is used,
    BUT my OpenGL application (python gtk + opengl)
    now freezes the whole machine - only power on/off can revive

    Many thanks for any hint,

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    Quote Originally Posted by agd5f View Post
    Thanks for the hint.
    Unfortunately this patch is not applicable to the 2.6.34 kernel as is used by OpenSuse-11.3

    Do you know about a patch (or complete
    folder which is compatible with 2.6.34 ?

    Many thanks for your help,

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