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You know, I wish you'd stop shoving in that D3D State Tracker into every possible article. Unless Wine adopts it (unlikely in the near future) it's really not worth talking about.

You even mentioned it in the ReactOS release article where it has barely any relevance, as ReactOS aren't planning on implementing Gallium3D for a long time, if at all.
You are wrong. Wine is irrelevant. The Direct3D state tracker applys to that article almost as much as LLVMpipe itself. It would be useful for open-source implementations of Flash to offer a Direct3D API in case Adobe chooses to directly expose that. (although it's not likely to happen)

And I hope that alien 3D API never leaves the blue-print state on Linux too. It would be just like the Flash problem, but on a very core API level.

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where are the open source equivalent SVG animation formats? Do any exist at all? Several formats support animations, and several support SVG, but I have yet to find one that supports both and thus could be a true open Flash replacement.
It's done on mozilla with SMIL, which is a W3C standard:
It's ready to go in Firefox4 Beta.
Using Javascript to animate SVG works already.

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Flash sucks and I wish it would simply die.
...I wouldn't miss Adobe either.
Amen. Amen.