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I game on windows, and only would like to add, that most games crash when I try to alt tab.

From my experience most games dont like alt tab on windows either.
Some games do.

Most games don't.

On Linux, all games do. Recall also that Windowed (Maximized) is essentially supposed to work like a windowed application without borders.

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All games I play on Windows work correctly with Alt+Tab. They get minimized. And it was like that since the Windows 95 days. On Linux, it's always problematic. And always has been. And I've no idea why this problem exists or can't get fixed. As soon as you Alt+Tab from a fullscreen game, everything can happen; from your desktop getting fucked up, to a total crash.

But that's OK; I don't intend to play games on Linux.
While I agree with the first part if this post, I question your presence on a Linux gaming forum given your second paragraph.