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Thread: Please add SpringRTS games into benchmark suite

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    Um, for all games, I can run with all low settings.

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    @jiero Which one is that?

    I never tried any of the spring rts games because the related sites are a big mess. I remember jumping from page to page never really understanding what was needed to actually install and play the games. I didn't put much effort into it, that's true, but most of the times it doesn't take much effort to find a download link to a binary or a package. In this case it does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qaridarium View Post
    if there is no funktion you need why not programm one by your self ?

    i'm really sure some sping fanboys spend you money for that.

    spring do have the biggest online playing comunity of all opensource RTS games.. remember that!
    Because I am always busy and have no experience with the Spring engine... If there is some Spring fan that wants to code the patch(es), go right ahead and then it will be in PTS like you guys are wanting.

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    You guys should really go ask one of the Spring game devs. or even their community to make a "benchmarkable" demo, instead of pestering Michael. There have been discussions like this already and the answer is always the same: if there is a demo capable of being benchmarked then it will be included.

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