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Even without these patches current r300g in Mesa 7.10 git is something about the same (or even better in some cases and a bit less in others) in performance compared to fglrx 9.3 on my RV350 and RV370.
Well, if this really is the case then it is indeed excellent news!
Not to mention what a win it would be for bridgman and AMD because it would mean that they fulfilled their promise (up to r500 at least).

For Marek, Corbin Dave and Tom (and everybody I forgot to include) it would be an even greater success if their driver performed _better_ than fglrx. Not as if I would be saying that their achievement so far is not remarkable. Because it is. Corbin and Marek are the real open source heroes in my eyes.

Point is a phoronix article is needed!

@Michael: What do you think?