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Thread: 60 second delay when running ./phoronix-test-suite

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    Default 60 second delay when running ./phoronix-test-suite


    First my appologies if this is a common question, I couldn't find it mentioned in other threads.

    On RHEL 5, whenever I run ./phoronix-test-suite it sits there for exactly 60 seconds each time before displaying the usage information.

    An strace reveals it is literally just waiting. The servers I'm running it on in our lab do not have internet connectivity, I'm guessing this is maybe related? Either way, how do I stop it doing this?



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    Hi Paul,

    It's odd that it would sit like that, but yes it may be due to the lack of Internet connection. Though within ~/.phoronix-test-suite/user-config.xml you should be able to disable the network functionality to see if that solves your timeout issue.

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