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The question is, why not to stick?

Seriously, even if the r600g driver had achieved total feature and speed parity with the r600c, it would still lack an important advantage: Wider testing for a longer period of time.

Why throw away this advantage, if the gallium version doesn't offer anything significant over the classic version at the moment? Just to be cool and have the latest? This is the mark of the stupid, or the mazochist(<troll>in case of Fedora users</troll>).

I believe Ubuntu 11.10 will and Mesa of that time frame will use r600g by default, by that time it will be much more tested and feature complete, and it might provide advantages over the classic driver. Until then, sticking with the classic is sane.
This is a valid point.
However, I never preferred r600g just because it's newer. My post was maybe a bit inadequately worded in the sense that r600g is only about 3 months old but it is basically already on feature parity with classic, does not crash often (haven't in the last week or so) for me(tm).
So assuming that the speed of development won't slow down significantly it very well might bring obvious advantages (speed/opengl, etc) by next April.
Plus some guys are working on a video decoding state tracker for gallium/r600g.

Point is, that I thought they completely ruled out the possibility to default to r600g. However, as bridgman pointed out this is not the case, so *I take my word back*.