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Thread: ATI Driver

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    This is strange. If you have a backup of your old Xorg.conf from a previous FGLRX installation, you probably can try using that one instead. See what happens with that one...

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    Talking damn

    One thing is for sure... the problem is something inside opensuse

    I downloaded the latest driver and the results was the same. I lost my patience and delete opensuse and install vector linux 5.1. VL use xorg 6.8.2 and gcc 3.4 I think... anyway the driver is working!!! opengl still give me troubles but now I can use X!!!

    So, I stay with VL till SuSE be fixed

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    Smile at last!!

    Last update. I move to Fedora x86_64 and everything is working fine

    check this

    I really want to work wih suse but fedora will be my home now. I can't wait to put this thing to work. thanks to you Michael and Niniendo for your concerns


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    You're welcome. Glad to see you got it working.

    If you stumble upon any other problems, feel free to post them.

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