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Proprietary third party titles is something the Linux gaming scene needs desperately.

Look at Symbian; It runs on far more devices than Android or iPhone, yet the lack of any third party applications make it a much less desirable platform than the competition (or at least that is one aspect of why it's slowly failing).
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It was the lack of apps? I always thought it was the usability. Compared to Symbian, Blender and Gimp are a dream.
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To tell you the truth I think your the first person that I have ever heard complaining about Symbians "usability".

I was surprised to hear this, and would like to hear others' opinion on this as well. Why do you think Symbian is going down?

As for my own:

I find the quote of lacking apps ironic, because 6-7 years ago Symbian was the only smartphone platform with "apps". Yes, WinMo did exist, but it was marginal enough not to matter. The crap Java ME things every phone supported don't really count as "apps".

For the usability, a fair amount of people here agree that it's horrible. Maybe it's because so many here have used one, I don't know.

It's slow. Opening a simple menu can take seconds. It's usually not even waiting-animated, you see how it draws things one by one.

It crashes often, and boots slow. Bad traits themselves, but together they are a rather bad combo. By the time a S60 phone has booted, a regular dumbphone has booted, shut down, and booted again.

Illogical operation. Suppose you are on the home screen, and want to go to the menu. You logically think one of the two action buttons would take you there, no? But no, neither does. There's a special small key, and you can't get to the menu otherwise.

And finally, the infamous example of changing the ringtone. One would expect something like settings -> sound -> ringtone, 3 levels deep. In the usual Symbian logic, you have to go settings -> phone settings -> profiles -> [whatever profile] -> sound settings -> ringtone, 6 levels deep in illogical menus.

Disclaimer: yes, it's all from my personal experience. I have had several Nokia phones, the latest had S60 3rd edition FP1. Haven't used the new ^3, can't tell if things have improved much in there.