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    Hi Forum

    I have few hard disks, that I would like to test, and compare results using PTS (performance and various file systems)

    PTS works great for me, but I am looking for a way (solution) to make my life easier....

    How to run for example:

    #phoronix-test-suite run disk

    but only on my defined target disk (or mount point)?

    I have
    /dev/sda mounted to /
    /dev/sdb mounted to /mnt/sdb
    /dev/sdc mounted to /mnt/sdc
    /dev/sdd mounted to /mnt/sdd

    but PTS do not ask me for a target test device etc... test is performed on /

    How to change test target directory?


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    Hi Peter,

    The most easiest way for you to change it for all tests would be to just define a different install path in \.phoronix-test-suite/user-config.XML instead of .phoronix-test-suite/installed-tests/

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    But it means, that after each test (change disk, change file system) I will have to download and install "multiple tests" (or just copy them, or create symlinks)?

    I thought that it can be simplest way, like in sqlite test. Sqlite test ask me about test destination, but there are other tests that doesn't ask.

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    I'd be very curious about this too.

    I tried doing what was suggested, I edited the user-config.xml file and changed all the paths in it to /media/corsair-x32/.phoronix-test-suite and copied the .phoronix-test-suite from my home directory there.

    After running through part of the disk-ssd test suite however, I'm noticing that the read performance is about 50 Mb/s which seems to be way too slow for it to be the SSD.

    Is there any documentation or howto on running the disk tests on different disks?

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