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Thread: Torque is closing up shop! :(

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    Default Torque is closing up shop! :(

    Even though they abandoned Linux some time ago, it's still sad to see quality cross-platform engine software go away...

    Here's hoping they decide to open-source everything if they go belly-up without finding a buyer.

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    that would nice if they release the src code as opens source. but i don't think that they will do it. But am I to predict that, huh?

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    1) They rise as opensource.
    2) They close down the source aiming for profit.
    3a) They fail to compete and close down, source & work gets lost.
    3b) They get assimilated by Big co, that keeps franchising pale titles till no one wants to buy them. Then, they go 3a.

    PS: I dont miss them. Not a single fraction.

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    torque was all sorts of fucked up, messy ass code that surprisingly worked.The only thing it really had going for it was that all of the tools required to make a game were readily available and easy (per say). If i remember correctly you could use VHE with it. It had a built in terrain editor (very basic). Linux support or not, not worth our time anyways.

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