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I assume your talking about the ATK0110 chip. This has actually been documented but unfortunately only the sensors part of it has been utilized in linux. I know the lmsensors guys got the docs a few years back but like most of those "windows only" features it's not so much that they can't get documentation but more a case that someone has to be motivated enough to make it worthwhile to develop for that feature.
That's not correct. There's no public documentation for ATK0110, the monitoring part has been reversed engineered disassembling the ACPI code. Oh, and the ATK0110 interface is actually two different interfaces (I call them "old" and "new" for lack of a better understanding); it seems as the ACPI code is created by copy&paste from different models since you you often find both of interfaces in the DSDT and one of them is broken (recently I got a report of a "Sabertooth X58" where both of them were moderately broken...).
I have a fairly good idea on how the control part works, but I don't dare to enable it because my understanding of the interface is far from complete and I don't want to risk damaging the board.
I was experimenting with Q-FAN settings, which should be pretty safe, but then the board died (first the LAN port, then the replacement started exhibiting frequent crashes with any RAM setting... still waiting for the RMA).

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