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This was in response to various people claiming that the Linux driver model of requiring hardware vendors to open source their drivers and put them in the kernel is a good idea. When vendors don't do that, the next claim is that it's enough for them to open up their docs so that "the community will code the drivers and features."

It doesn't look that way. Proprietary drivers support GL3 for ages now, while the open driver stack is still based on old, outdated specs. IMO this is proof enough that the Linux driver model is wrong and its supporters too. Otherwise the open graphics stack would have been feature complete years ago.
I think it has more to do with the number of people and the size of graphic driver which are the biggest driver in the kernel (and not everythings is in the kernel). To me it's more like opensource is around 30 peoples accross all hw & core mesa while each closed source driver are likely done by way more than 300 people working full time.

By the way the closed source driver on linux use the linux driver model (or maybe i am missing what you mean by the driver model).