Hi guys,

I've finally decided to drop the Catalyst drivers for my ATI HD5450 card and switch to the open drivers. This meant I would no longer have video acceleration (VA-API) available, which I don't like. Therefore I thought: since I only use my TV for video, let's hook that TV up to my Intel IGP (I have a Clarkdale processor which contains a GPU chip) and use Intel VA-API.

This meant I would have to get vga_switcheroo support, which meant compiling my own kernel. I did that, starting from stock Fedora 14's config file and editing in vga_switcheroo, removing some modules I don't need in the process. So now I have kernel 2.6.37-rc6 running.

I then built my own libdrm, mesa, and X drivers, all from upstream git sources (Fedora's ATI drivers are old and don't even have 2d accel for my ATI card). When compiling mesa I had to disable --enable-glx-tls, because otherwise I would get undefined symbols error - apparently my stock X doesn't have it enabled.

So now I have my own kernel, mesa, libdrm, and X drivers. Now here are the problems:

1. I don't have the vga_switcheroo folder in /sys/kernel/debug :-(. Yes, I did enable the relevant debugfs option in my kernel config, and yes, both chips are correctly recognized, so I'm at a loss here. As a consequence, I cannot enable my ATI card (not for X, that is, it will display my VTs just fine) and am stuck using my Intel card with my TV attached to it.

2. (may be related) According to glxinfo, I'm using the Software Rasterizer. That's weird on its own, but what's weirder is that it's the Mesa software rasterizer, and not Gallium LLVM, which I did tell mesa to build.

3. Also I can't get the x86 version of mesa to compile because for some weird reason it's trying to link to 64-bit libraries (even after both --enable-32-bit and -m32), but that's not really important right now.

I've pastebinned X -version, glxinfo, Xorg.0.log, and dmesg here: http://pastebin.com/LfNUiJEh
I've forgot to include uname -a, that is: Linux pc-van-cesko 2.6.37-rc6 #1 SMP Thu Dec 16 12:01:29 CET 2010 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

As you probably have guessed by now I have some basic Linux and compiler experience, but have never (successfully) rolled out my own graphics stack.

I'd really appreciate any insights you guys could provide me :-)