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Thread: Tyke Supply Dual LCD Monitor Stand

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    Phoronix: Tyke Supply Dual LCD Monitor Stand

    If you find yourself picking up any extra monitors this holiday season, you may be in need of a monitor stand. When it comes to monitor stands though, Ergotron is often regarded as the leading manufacturer of such LCD stands, but their products come with a hefty price tag where a simple side-by-side LCD arm can cost over $300 USD. If you do not want to spend several hundred dollars -- likely more than the cost of a monitor itself -- on a metal stand, I have a better solution. For the past two months, I have been using LCD monitor from Tyke Supply. They are wonderfully reliable, fully adjustable, and cost just a fraction of what it would cost if buying from Ergotron.

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    Sounds very interesting. I've been looking for a dual monitor stand for some time but have been put off by the prices. As you say - they often cost more than the monitors.

    Does anyone know of a cheap solution which would allow a pair of Acer AL2416W's (they have VESA mounts) to be arranged like this:

    I'd like the portrait monitor to align at the bottom, but it could be vertically centred if that made the stand a lot cheaper.

    Bonus points if the stand is readily available in the UK

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    As I can see on their website, they are nothing but close to Ergotron products. Ergotrons are way more flexible, hence "arms". Tykes are just stands.

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    Thanks for the article Michael, those look interesting! Alas, not available in germany. :/

    Quote Originally Posted by samworm View Post
    Does anyone know of a cheap solution which would allow a pair of Acer AL2416W's (they have VESA mounts) to be arranged like this:
    cheap? yeah. remember that your monitors came with an existing stand, just keep using it for the right monitor.
    For the left one: if you're lucky, your vendor has re-used a pivoteable stand from a different model. On my samsung 245B, I could just unscrew the stand, remove one screw hidden within, reattach it and now it's pivoteable. Works, no cost.

    Otherwise get the cheapest single monitor stand you can find for the left monitor or (really cheap) a plywood board and some fitting (longer) screws. Or duct tape. Whatever.

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