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Where did you get those 20W figures from? No 7200rpm desktop hard drive from the last 5 years uses that much power. Typical figures are in the max 8W-10W for 3,5" 7200rpm HDDs. In the world of 2,5" laptop drives the power consumption is already very very close to SSDs. Take a look at the seagate momentus 5400.6 drives: 0,8W idle and 2,85W write power. Something like a Corsair Force SSD has 0,5W idle and 2W operating power.
i just pull out some numbers

but yes you are right an SSD saves power.

the biggest profit is the time to get from idle to action status HDD's allways slow to do that.

and if you don't compare an ssd to super slow notebook hdds then you need to compare an ssd to an 15000 upm sas hdd because the speed matters

then ssd win much higher ...