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The game *says* it's using 4xAA when this happens, so that would be a completely braindead design decision. Why would they *intentionally* design incorrect behavior into their software?
Technically, this *is* 4xAA. The name is correct, there are only 4 color samples.

From Nvidia's own website:
CSAA mode: 16x
#of color/z/stencil samples: 4


CSAA can be enabled in one of the two following scenarios:
When the application specifically enables CSAA.
When CSAA is turned on in the control panel by the end user. [...]

It is recommended that applications enable CSAA directly. The process of implementing CSAA is incredibly simple (almost exactly the same as implementing MSAA), and the benefit to your users is enormous; they get much higher image quality at almost zero performance loss, without the fuss and hassle of manipulating the control panel.
Looks like Nvidia is not being very honest here.