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Thread: A New Clutter Development Release

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    Default A New Clutter Development Release

    Phoronix: A New Clutter Development Release

    A month ago we reported on a Clutter 1.5 development release bringing a back-end for Wayland so that this tool-kit can run atop this lightweight display server, among other features it brought. In the past month there's been the Clutter 1.5.6 development release too and just this morning Clutter 1.5.8 was released...

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    pretty excited about gtk3 improvements.

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    Default Seems that Wayland is getting momentum behind it

    Both QT and GTK+ is getting backends to Wayland.
    Both Intel,Red hat and Ubuntu seems to back it.
    Many hackers have endorsed it.
    MeeGo is interested in it.
    And now Clutter...

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