sView OSE 2009
29 January 2011


sView OSE 2009 is a free open source stereoscopic image viewer and movie player program.

Program was initially released in 2010 year under FREE but proprietary license.
Now source code was opened under GNU GPL license.

This project called 'sView OSE 2009' to distinct it from proprietary versions of sView.

sView OSE 2009 uses the DevIL image library to decode the images.
FFmpeg used for video/audio decoding.
OpenAL used for audio playback.
OpenGL used for rendering and WinAPI/XLib as GUI.
GLEW used to access OpenGL functions.

To compile the program you need Code::Blocks (
gcc or msvc compiler (MinGW could be used) and 3rd-party libraries.
If you don't need to recompile 3rd-party libraries yourself
you can find built versions from sView site.

Notice! You should build FTGL library with provided patch to be able
to build/launch sView (look for 3rdparties/patch_for_FTGL)!

I don't know how different is the OSE version from the closed one, but I've been using the closed one for some time already and it works nicely.

More Info:
sView 2009 is a universal stereoscopic player which supports image viewing and movie playback. Program provide user-friendly interface. Current release has built-in localization for English and Russian. This page provides only common information about sView program. To learn sView user tips read this article.

Stereo-device support list (outputs)
  • Anaglyph glasses;
  • Mirror displays;
  • Interlaced displays (Zalman, Hyundai, Sharp, eDimensional shutter-glasses)
  • iZ3D displays;
  • Shutter glasses (supported Hardware Quad Buffer on professional cards, NVIDIA Direct3D stereo-driver and software emulated (limited));
  • Vuzix HMD (uses Vuzix SDK, VR920 support);

Supported stereo formats
  • Horizontal pair (side by side);
  • Over/Under;
  • Interlaced
  • Separate views (two views in one file or from two files);

System requirements

To launch the program you need hardware accelerated OpenGL2 video-card. Most new one since GeForce FX series (GeForce 6800 and greater recommended) and up-to-date drivers (I get a lot of errors feedback with not updated drivers!).

Supported OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7; debian-based Linux distributives (Debian, Ubuntu and so on).

New since sView 2008

sView 2009 introduce a lot of changes like stereoscopic video playback, new stereo-devices support, new-style interface, GLSL shaders, Windows Vista and Windows 7 support and many others.
  • new systems support: Windows Vista, Window7 and Linux Ubuntu;
  • Internet Browser plugin for embedded stereo (supported NPAPI browsers);
  • Audio/Video playback via FFmpeg and OpenAL libraries;
  • enhanced devices support list, output mode auto-detection mechanism (for some devices);
  • GLSL (OpenGL shader language) and OpenGL2, speed up rendering on modern hardware;
  • mono output support (program now more universal!);
  • spheric panorama output (sphere - 'P' key);
  • better fit to the screen feature;
  • native Unicode support;
  • better multi-monitors configurations support;
  • module architecture, another developers could provide own stereo-devices support extensions;
  • Drag&Drop support;
  • no files count limit;
  • Windows AMD64 builds;
  • language translations now loaded from external text files;
  • new version scheme, Ubuntu-style;
  • better multi-threading support;
  • a lot of user-friendly improvements;