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Thread: How can I identify a desktop mobo that will suspend (S3)?

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    Default How can I identify a desktop mobo that will suspend (S3)?

    Thanks for looking. I have a system with a mobo from a previous age (AMD, Socket 939.) It does not resume from suspend. Perhaps it is the motherboard. Maybe the video (because it does sort of come back, but the screen remains dark.) I've put a little effort into getting suspend to work (and I'm talking about suspend to RAM and not suspend to disk - AKA hibernate) with no positive result.

    I will probably upgrade the motherboard before too long and would like to select something that will suspend/resume with a minimum of tweaking. I can more or less reliably suspend all of my laptops, but I think all of them have required some minor tweaks. Some even require tweaking from one OS release to the next.

    I've done some searching and it seems that most of the information I've found is relative to notebooks/laptops. I've asked the question on the Ubuntu forums and the only reply so far is more or less why bother when modern systems will drop to 3-5W at idle. So I guess my greater question is how can I find something that will use minimal power when not in use. Even my netbook uses 12W when idling. If I could find a system that would do that I would not be worrying about suspend, but I remain skeptical that a desktop system will drop that low. My present system idles at 95W (measured using a Kill-A-Watt.)

    I'd appreciate pointers to resources that discuss this.

    Feel free to hit the suspend button on your PC and let me know how it works!

    many thanks,

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    Suspend to ram has always been a mixed bag when it comes to it working or not on PC's. My suggestion would be to get a SSD for a fast boot and simply shut off the system. It's going to be less of a crapshoot and uses no power.

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