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Thread: Paradox games on Linux

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    Question Paradox games on Linux

    I saw some trailers for Victoria 2 and Europa Universalis 3. I'm dying to play them but I'm stopping myself from buying them for Windows, because I remember reading somewhere that Paradox games will start coming to Linux.

    Is there any news regarding this? Or is this information even true? I think it was mentioned by Svartalf, kinda hard to go through thousands of his posts right now for that


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    It was that we had the start of a deal to start making some of the old ones based off of EU2's engine code with their community release deal. It got started and petered out a while back. I'm going to get in touch w/them here first part of next year (Sigh...many things didn't get gotten to this last year mainly because of job woes and other things all going wrong at all the right times... Next year looks to be a LOT better. We'll just have to see...) and see if I can't re-start that and maybe get a bit of a toehold on the two you're mentioning.

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