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Thread: Speeding Up The Linux Kernel With Transparent Hugepage Support

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    Smile resolved !

    Quote Originally Posted by Obscene_CNN View Post

    Did you enable the support in your config before you compiled it?

    I add CONFIG_TRANSPARENT_HUGEPAGE=y, befor compilig the kernel ,

    So It is enabled

    Thanks !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smorg View Post
    I'm on the zen kernel which unfortunately no longer maintains their unstable branch so I'll probably have to wait til this is either backported or 2.6.37 goes final.
    man, i hate that too. they stopped maintaining their unstable git repository since 2.33 and the patches are just messed up to deal with. all the hunks fail. although i dont know why you are getting such an abysmal performance with bfs. i use bfs with liquorix kernel config plus 1500 hz timer without dynamic ticks, and sched_iso policy for x enabled and it works like a charm. also, with zen-tune profile set to desktop.

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    Would you stop spamming old threads you fucking moron

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