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Thread: AMD's Linux Team Takes Another Blow

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisXY View Post
    It's funny how I had a better opinion of phoronix about fglrx when it said how bad it was and now I have a much worse opinion when it says how good it is now.
    First, there is this issue:
    Very, very annoying.

    Then with catalyst 10.11 they made me switch to the Open Source driver again:
    • Warcraft 3 occassionally just freezes. I have encountered about 6 of this freezes. One time it completely blocked the keyboard and I had to ssh into the pc to kill wine. The other times I could alt+tab and kill it directly. I believe this isn't even openGL 2!
    • Half Life 2 freezes on some different points in the game when you look in the wrong direction in the wrong angle.
      Then I got to one point where I couldn't go further because it froze every time.

    Here is a little video: (FPS was very good actually, it's just the video recording). I tried with several different settings in the amdcccle and with a fresh default config.
    I then put in a geforce 8800gt. With that card and the exactly same wine configuration it run flawlessly. Unfortunately the memory of this card seems to be broken because sometimes single characters on the console (even on bios screen) are colored and after some time of running applications that I think need much video ram the pc freezes and leaves me with a broken framebuffer etc.

    I ran with xorg 1.9 and 2.6.36. What is latest if not that?
    On the other hand maybe it doesn't work properly because I don't use legacy software.
    I don't think anyone has said that Wine and fglrx work well together. Who's fault that is tends to depend on who you're talking to, although I think even the Wine devs would tell you they have some work to do to get rid of nvidia specific hacks they're using.

    Were you having any problems not Wine-related? That seems more relevant.

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    People come and go, no big deal, and no reason for such an over the top headline. Especially when it concerns their proprietary driver. Really who cares.

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    Quote Originally Posted by monraaf View Post
    People come and go, no big deal, and no reason for such an over the top headline. Especially when it concerns their proprietary driver. Really who cares.
    Your wrong.

    Why? Your statement is on the third page and the reactions before you all indicated someone did care.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bug77 View Post
    IIRC, while ATI/AMD has made great strides in supporting Linux, they are still behind in supporting the latest X server. Which means no drivers for new cards on new distro releases.
    Which means I bought nvidia again
    nvidia is pretty much the only game in town for decent graphics on Linux. While their blob's pretty decent, there needs to be a good OSS alternative so Nouveau should be stepping up to the plate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by entropy View Post
    xorg-server 1.9 is supported with Catalyst 10.10+.

    Using a 4850 with the FOSS driver for a long time, I switched to the binary blob as I'm learning a bit of OpenGL 3+.
    (Actually, I blindly bought the 5th Ed. of the "OpenGL Super Bible", which does not cover the fixed function part anymore. Stupid, I wasn't aware of that - so, my bad... )
    I still would prefer a FOSS driver but honestly: the blob is really doing an excellent job here which I didn't expected.
    Seems like lots of people are to be negatively biased towards the binary, in a way that it doesn't deserve (anymore).
    I don't use XVBA, so that's not an issue for me. Multi Screen with RandR 1.3 working flawless, 2D feels snappy with no artifacts and it's really stable.
    Good to hear that gap's closed. It fell below my radar a while ago.

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