AMD Linux Catalyst
Distribution Packaging Script Commit:

- packaging script and spec file were completely rewritten - add a verbose mode (1 = what are you doing, 2 = tell me everything) Usage: # VERBOSE="1" ./ati-driver-installer-(version)-(arch).sh --buildpkg ... # VERBOSE="2" ./ati-driver-installer-(version)-(arch).sh --buildpkg ... - add an auto detection of openSUSE and SLE version and architecture Usage: # ./ati-driver-installer-(version)-(arch).sh --buildpkg SuSE/SUSE-autodetection - add a switch to unlock unsupported openSUSE version Usage: # UNSUPPORTED="yes" ./ati-driver-installer-(version)-(arch).sh --buildpkg ... - add a rebuild script boot.fglrxrebuild at boot time (init) with a logging function to /var/log/fglrx-build.log - add a renew with a support to rebuild of all available installed kernel flavors and versions - renew the patches