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Thread: Frozenbyte Is Wanting Some Linux Gamers

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    Default Frozenbyte Is Wanting Some Linux Gamers

    Phoronix: Frozenbyte Is Wanting Some Linux Gamers

    If you are a Linux gamer there's a lot of hopeful opportunities coming up especially with up to four Linux games coming from Unigine, but that's still months out. Right now though if you're looking for a new Linux native game to play, Frozenbyte is looking for testers of their Linux client port of Trine...

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    A bit late -- 5 days or so after the initial query and basically no Phoronix readers (who didn't see the thread otherwise) would have even a passing chance to apply.

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    Trine and Trine 2 are two further games I'd like to purchase if/when they work with open drivers.

    I'm not much of a gamer, really, but the odd inexpensive indie game that's fun to play is lots of fun when I need to take a break.

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    Actually afaik the Shadowgrounds games were ported by IGIOS and then published by LGP

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    Oh no... so it's still IGIOS?
    Their Shadowgrounds port was horrible, though that might have been because of LGP - buggy installers, no 64 bit support (or directions even) and horrible sound support.

    I was actually looking forward to the IronSky game, but now I don't know...

    Does someone know how much of Shadowgrounds was IGIOS and how much was LGP?

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