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Also, there weren't any significant errors in Linux versions of games in the first bundle. Here we have Braid that doesn't work, Cortex Command providing disfunctional 64-bit version and Revenge of the Titans with a simple bug in deb creation (the solution posted above worked for me, even for amd64 edition). So, no problem for me only with installation process of Osmos and Machinarium (the latter to be a Flash game so packaging it must have been easy).
Osmos had a bug in the font which meant it failed to load on recent versions of TrueType, so most of the text was missing and the game was unplayable. People have had all sorts of fun issues with Machinarium; my personal problem is that the mouse doesn't work properly, but no-one else seems to have suffered that particular issue.

Simple fix for the Osmos font loading problem: open fonts/FortuneCity.ttf in fontforge, go to File -> Generate Fonts, generate a new TrueType font file (tell fontforge to ignore the problems and generate it anyway), and replace the original fonts/FortuneCity.ttf with your newly-created file.