To any AMD graphics driver people:


I am a linux user and the not so proud owner of an Asus HD5750.

Niether nvidia not ati has fully supported the FOSS drivers - a driver that provides the much needed KMS and is in sync with the rest of Linux development. ATI has provided some support and for this I thank you.

Now, Mr Brigman or any other person in connection with AMD, I paid good money for my card(s) and you as a company have stated that you provide support for Linux - a promise. While Nvidia does not support the open
source work, at least it provides a working proprietary driver - something you do not.

- 2D is horrible with tearing everywhere - my Nvidia card does not tear while doing anything.
- Videos are not watchable because of tearing - my Nvidia card is playing all my movies without tearing and without any glitches.
- Gaming in WINE is not a possibility because everything crashes at startup - not on my Nvidia. Though some say it is the WINE devs fault, were ATI to provide more info I am sure the WINE devs would get it right.
- Were you to collaborate more with the Linux devs, there would be no gap in which we have to wait and wait for driver support of some new XOrg update.

Not preaching, but the bible saying regarding religious leaders, that they niether enter the gates of heaven not let those going in to enter, is fully applicable here as you niether provide us with a
proper proprietary driver nor do you give the FOSS devs the kind of support to provide us with a proper FOSS driver.

Regarding the FOSS driver, you provide bits of documentation with some patches, put a dev or two to work on the driver a bit, then abandon the driver halfway to work on support for another card. The result
as the radeon feature matrix shows is 20 cards all incomplete, and all with limping experimental 3D (read "no good for games"). What the hell kind of support is that? You get us worked up about how the *next* (it's always
the *next* isn't it) card will have great support because you started working on it several months in advance. Guess what? The result will be the same as the other cards: semi-working, tearing, and with no 3D. And then you'll
talk about great support with the *next* card.

When you guys said "we provide Linux driver support", that was a promise you have yet to keep. When exactly can I expect a *FULLY* working FOSS or proprietary driver that does what I bought the card for in the first place?

I had already bought my ATI card (as I respected AMD during my Windows experience) when I came to Linux. Had I known I would be forever masturbating with the ATI cards, I would have gotten laid with an Nvidia card.

I, as most all, really hate buying something and not getting my money's worth.

Thank you.