Thank you for replying so fast Mr Bridgman.

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With respect, you are criticizing us for failing to live up to commitments we never made.
When you sell me a device with an official driver for a platform, logically that implies that the device will perform as advertised on the platform targeted by the driver. That is a commitment. Unless of course you are cheating me, and fooling me into buying something that does not work because a card is useless without the driver.
The act of providing an official driver is a commitment.

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What we claim (and I say this with great confidence because I was the one making the claim) was that support for the next generation would happen *sooner* (relative to hardware launch) as a result of starting work on it earlier, not that it would be "great" or even "better" (other than allowing more time for the community to work on the code). If you follow my posts, you'll know that what I talk about for initial support is delivering the *same* level of functionality on new cards as on previous cards.
Really? So working drivers is not the plan but more semi support for yet another card. So am I to buy a more powerful and expensive card that does nothing more than a 5 year older card does as the drivers are semi functional?

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When you say "tearing, no 3D" can you be a bit more specific ? All of the currently shipping GPUs include 3D support (except for the just-released HD6xxx parts which are not supported yet) and AFAIK the tearing concerns are with the proprietary driver under certain scenarios, not the open source driver.
Puleeez, As a Linux dev you know that the only way to play any games that matter is through wine and thus yes, I am talking about 3D in wine and the tearing is in ALL scenarios - or am I missing a scenario other than 2D window movement and video playback? Please enlighten me as to the scenario in which there is no tearing.

Wine gaming is the only way to seriously game as any game that actually matters is run through wine. Therefore if wine does not run, 3D for me the consumer does not exist - or am I to spend many an hour staring in awe at a 3D cube. For all intents and purposes, WINE IS 3D on Linux.

Linux users have been feeding on scraps for long enough. Linux users are sick of begging for equal treatment.

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We work with the community to make initial support available (working code and/or docs) and the open source community does most of the enhancement work. We were told multiple times "just give us programming information and the community will do the rest" - we are doing that and more.
And that excuses you from providing a working proprietary driver how? Not being able to direct the FOSS development has nothing to do with your own (AMD's) work.

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The radeon feature matrix is community maintained. Right now nobody agrees on the exact criteria for moving from "mostly" to "done", so the last few generations of hardware are sitting in "mostly". I guess I could launch a community initiative to redefine the criteria on the feature page but it really doesn't seem like the best use of time to me.
Changing the label does not effect the true status. Right now, the drivers are not complete as I have tried them my self. "Mostly" truly is a better description.

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Are there specific Linux games you are having trouble with, or are your issues mostly related to running Windows games over Wine (which brings another set of challenges) ?
As stated previously, of course I'm talking about WINE gaming. If you guys don't provide the required documentation and support to the FOSS communities on how to run YOUR hardware, how are wine devs supposed to do their thing? They work with what they got and they got nothing. Even so, they were able to bring Windows games to Linux - quite an accomplishment for them, shame on AMD.

Qaridarium: You have been saying that the *next* driver will solve all our problems for as long as I have been reading this forum. Notice, again the word "next" appears...

Linux users are far more than a minority. I truly see Linux as the future - Windows has brought no new real functionality since XP. Thier same API and libraries has simply been having layers added on. If Windows broke compatibility in thier API, trust me Microsoft is done for.

About the 4 devs thing. That is just sad. But for me, the consumer, I don't care if it is one dev or a million devs. I care about results.

Again, hardware is useless without a working driver. You sold me uselessness.