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Wine is emulator. Judging on technical implementation it is not, it is a layer. But this layer allows winapi calls to posix which is emulation in broad term, as in "non-native". It does do performance penalty.

Although, if linux version of function works 20 times faster than windows equivalent, and wine does it 2x slower - it runs 10 times faster via WINE than on windows.

So wine does indeed slow software as any additional layer; its just local implementation not related to wine which sometimes accelerates the whole thing. And in case you wonder if wine can stay be faster than native(windows) api - it can't. MS will just steal the code.
Err WINE have always stated "Wine is not an emulator", and in that sense they are Right, it's Not Hard to understand,
they Wrap a given routine as found on one API and map it to another routine of anther API Nothing more, were it gets tricky OC is when one API Does Not have the same functionality and so Emulation is the order of the day For That missing Routine Nothing More, get it ?

also. it's clear if you bother to look, that under the Hood the NT and related API are very much a clone of many of the generic Unix Posix, hence why Wine Dev's continue to progress, there's no rule to say they cant add New Posix like code and extend the Wine API to better fit the current NT and related API so wrapping it instead of emulating these missing parts etc....