I think you are talking about the microcode updates. I was referring to the firmware that lives inside your CPU no matter whether you update it or not. I guess the question is: what sort of computers are the idiots who removed support for my GPU using? An abacus?

To add insult to injury, it just happens that this old R300 of mine is one of the best supported cards in Linux by an OSS driver. And it also happens that AMD (and not only AMD but also Red Hat, Novell and a bunch of independent developers) have done and are doing some good effort to improve that support and extend it to newer generations of GPUs, thanks to the release of the relevant documentation--one could say they are making reality the wet dreams of software freedom priests. And now this. The ability to shoot themselves in the foot these people have never ceases to amaze me.

This is a case of shoving "freedom" down users' throats. Only that it solves exactly ZERO problems, and causes as many as the number of users with the "wrong" set of hardware. It will be interesting to know if those responsible for this did not simply use their energies in the most destructive aspects of this ridiculous enterprise. This is, one would hope that, after installation, users will be notified via a nice GUI window that the reason their systems are not working as expected is solely due to the intransigence and zealotry of the developers. At least, in that way they won't automatically arrive at the conclusion that Linux is utterly useless, and maybe, just maybe, will try another distribution.