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Thread: XBMC 10.0 Officially Released

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    Default XBMC 10.0 Officially Released

    Phoronix: XBMC 10.0 Officially Released

    Just as expected, XBMC 10.0 "Dharma" has been officially released. New features of XBMC 10 include a unified add-on framework and a lot of features related to this work for providing new functionality, initial gesture support for the XBMC GUI Engine, improved mouse support, Broadcom Crystal HD decoding support, native support for unencrypted Blu-ray playback, support for Google WebM, and so much more...

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    Son of a ..... I just had to go and compile the svn before it's final release didn't I?

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    Did they fix the 2fps@100%cpu (even with hardware video decoder) problem yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by droidhacker View Post
    Did they fix the 2fps@100%cpu (even with hardware video decoder) problem yet?
    I noticed this exact same response from you in the last xbmc comments section about a week ago.
    I've been using xbmc on multiple intel/nvidia platforms for years and have not seen this problem.

    I'm not sure it would be such a popular media center solution (by far the best imho) with such a critical bug - I suggest you give it another try.

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