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Thread: Humble Indie Bundle #2 Just Made One Million Bucks

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    Did somebody notice the onlive codes? Also 5000$ from onlive... Only Win+Mac, but Linux support would be interesting. Maybe i test it just for fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoremanX View Post
    Lugaru was far from polished, or at least that's how it seemed on my computer. Same with a couple other games. World of Goo was as polished as can be, though.
    In this sense I think most games suffered from "beta-ness" in their initial HIB2 form, Braid didn't even start, CC didn't run in 64-bit mode, Revenge of the Titans was incorrectly packaged... Thankfully, till now most of the issues has been resolved, so now the only "beta-like" game is CC.

    Also, I didn't notice Lugaru to be far from polished. It certainly wasn't wonderful graphically but it worked correctly so I guess it was finished. No other game was IMHO "far from polished" in the first bundle, too.

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