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OK so upgraded to a 500w PSU. No change, still hangs at startup. Finally tired of this so I installed XP (!), loaded the Catalyst drivers, rebooted, and... uhhm yea XP also hangs at startup.

So tomorrow I go shopping for a new motherboard and and new PCU. As I feel I have to make use of the new 4650, I'm aiming at a Asrock 4coredual MB, coz it have both AGP and PCIE slots.

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Do yourself a hugue favor ditch all AGP stuff you have. AGP is broken all over the place. AGP was never properly implemented, all bridge have bugs and all bugs are different. Sadly sales people in AMD thought it would be good to keep selling AGP and pretend they support it, i am pretty sure driver people in AMD doesn't bother about AGP.

So for peace in world and to improve your karma please ditch AGP.