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Thread: Benchmarks Of The Btrfs Space Cache Option

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    Quote Originally Posted by LavosPhoenix View Post
    My only problem with btrfs is the lack of a fsck tool that actually corrects errors, otherwise btrfs was working great until something went wrong and I couldn't correct errors in it. However, does space_cache deal with the huge about of "wasted space" that a btrfs system has?
    What? ZFS does not have any "fsck" tool, it need not by design. I think it is the same with BTRFS, it need no "fsck"?

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    Testing compression on syntethic tests is ... stupid. All this tools basically write simple patterns to files which can be easly compressed.

    Please do something more real world, like uncompressing kernel.tar.gz, or buliding kernel, or replaying real world file system operations (search for replayfs and tracefs tools).

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