I need some adventurous people who dare to try a new overclocking tool I just finished. It makes use of the AMD Display Library API and therefore needs the proprietary catalyst drivers.

It uses the wxWidgets framework and was developed with the codelite IDE.

Features are:

- setting overdrive values (GPU / Memory frequency and voltage)
- reading temperature
- reading / setting fan speed
- fan control mode (using fan speed characteristic curves)
- application profiles
- long term monitoring of temperature, fan speed and performance level

As I'm new to this forum, I'm not allowed to post any screenshots or URLs. But if you like, you can find the tool at SourceForge.net. Just search for "AMDOverdriveCtrl". There I have posted the source code and a 64bit deb package.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Right now I don't have any documentation, but most things should be more or less obvious.

- wxWidgets 2.8.x
- libdl
- libpthread

Tested with a Radeon 4870 and Catalyst 10.11, 10.12 with Ubuntu 10.10.

As every overclocking utility - use it wisely. Don't fix the fan speed at a low level and turn up the frequencies!


Sorry for my English - I'm not a native speaker