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Thread: GTK+ 3.0 Is Just About Here

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    Default GTK+ 3.0 Is Just About Here

    Phoronix: GTK+ 3.0 Is Just About Here

    Red Hat's Matthias Clasen has just announced the release of GTK+ 2.99.0 as the first beta for the forthcoming GTK+ 3.0 tool-kit release in conjunction with the much-anticipated GNOME 3.0 desktop. While the final release is nearing and there's already been several interesting GTK+ advancements in recent weeks, with GTK+ 2.99.0, there continues to be noteworthy happenings...

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    Default Awesome, but

    Now this is really exciting and cool news, and without having checked the gtk site of course, I wonder how well in order the documentation is.

    Will there be a 'how to transistion from gtk2 -> gtk3' document? And more importantly, a 'Starting with GTK(3)' document? I remember the gtk2 docs to be missing quite some stuff, though getting started and learning the basics works.

    Great documentation, I say is even more important than anything else.

    Just my first thoughts

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