Hi all,

A bit of background to begin, i currently run 2 LG W2252(1680x1050) 22" LCDs via twin-view on a 7600GT. I'm looking at upgrading my PC specifically upgrading to a ATI 6xxx card to take advantage of triple-head(I will be also purchasing another LG LCD). For software i'm running a gentoo ~amd64 system with xfce 4.7.

I like the way twin-view works, it allows me to have a spaned display for my desktop and lets my WM know where the monitor borders are. It also allows me to turn off one of the monitors(selectively via meta-modes like 1680x1050, NULL or NULL, 1680x1050) if i need to run a game or other full screen application on just one monitor. Generally i do this in a separate X session while keeping my spaned desktop session running.

Is eyefinity a similar technology to twin-view? Can i selectively turn monitors off to run just a single monitor for something like xbmc to run on the central screen? (An after thought was that i could possibly just use a second x configuration file that only turns on the center monitor as i almost always load xbmc into its own X session, this is messy however and i'd prefer the option to control it via xrandr or similar. even if i could just change from 5040x1050(l+c+r) to 3360x1050(l+c) to 1680x1050(c) and then smaller 4:3 resolutions on the center monitor via xrandr i'd be happy)

I assume eyefinity allows full 3d acceleration across the whole span? So i can run ultrawide games in wine?

Does eyefinity like twin-view let x know that it is creating a span, so that x is able to inform the WM where things like monitor borders are?