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I generally play EVE Online and a small amount of WoW plus a bunch of older(early mid 2000's) games.
I have played EVE-O with hd 5870 eyefinity, 3 monitors, successfully for over a year.

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Getting wine to work correctly is being a major struggle, although i'm not sure if this is because i've set things up for my previous nvidia card that are interfering with the new card. Or if its just being a pita.

I was able to get WoW to run, albeit in a separate X session, at 5040x1050 with highest settings and it seemed to run fine. But i have been completely unable to get EVE to run correctly, with it generally locking up at one of the login screens and often causing my system to become completely unresponsive requiring a hard reset.

Can anyone point me to any good guides about the fglrx driver, preferably not ubuntu based guides as they rarely do want i require under gentoo?
Are you experiencing the known audio bug in wine? See the page on winehq.org for eveonline client for a workaround (I just disable audio altogether, remember to also disable eve voice AFTER logging in but before choosing a character!). Not resolving this results in a hang at some point after choosing a character. There's also some help from ati users in the EVE-O linux thread.

It could also be related to the new char portraits failing. See this workaround.