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Thread: Some Good & Bad News For The Nouveau Driver

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    And how about pscnv performance?

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    tessio: The current focus of pscnv devs is to get a working driver for fermi cards. You'll need to wait before getting any results.

    If you look carefully at the mesa commit log, you may find something of your interest

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    :display driver howto

    It'd be constructive if the developers would take a hiatus and put together an instructional HOWTO.

    It took me six months to learn how to export models from Blender3D, load then display them in OpenGL.

    I had several topics to grasp. Python, OpenGL, GLUT, and finally GCC idiosyncrasies.

    With 3D driver development it's possibly to assume 10 topics at least.

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    Default grammar

    apologies for being condescending, etc. but it has been bugging me:

    Michael's use of the past perfect tense, when the past simple tense is more appropriate, bugs me every time..

    In the end, only the GeForce 8 series hardware had played well for us with the latest Linux 2.6.37 kernel ...

    The word 'had' in that sentence implies that what was once true during testing is no longer the case. Instead, consider this:

    In the end, only the GeForce 8 series hardware played well for us with the latest Linux 2.6.37 kernel ...

    It's easy to come up with examples just by searching for the word 'had'. E.g. from later on in that page:
    All four of these cards had run fine using the open-source code ...
    => All four of these cards ran fine using the open-source code ...

    I'm not trying to say that I have perfect grammar, that I expect all of you to be native English speakers, or that I don't appreciate the hard work and value of this site. I just see room for improvement. (Like how the new design is so much better than the old.. thanks for that!)

    & Michael isn't the only one. From the comments:
    Have you ever wrote a graphical driver? Because you appear to have no clue about it.
    => Have you ever written a graphical driver? ...

    Sorry to nitpick.

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