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Thread: The VIA Kernel Mode-Setting Code Progresses

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    Default The VIA Kernel Mode-Setting Code Progresses

    Phoronix: The VIA Kernel Mode-Setting Code Progresses

    While VIA defenestrated its open-source Linux graphics driver strategy, there has been some recent work under-way on providing a GEM/TTM + KMS driver for VIA's integrated graphics processors by the community. In particular, this work is being done by James Simmons, the former Google Summer of Code student developer who was working on 3Dfx kernel mode-setting support a few months back...

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    As far as I know, James Simmons wasn't a part of GSoC.

    That was me. And I wrote a 3DLabs driver. James has been working on a 3dfx driver as far as I know, but not as a part of GSoC.


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    Were you expecting an accurate and unbiased article with Via in the title?

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