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Thread: Extensive Benchmarks Of Amazon's EC2 Compute Cloud

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    Default Extensive Benchmarks Of Amazon's EC2 Compute Cloud

    Phoronix: Extensive Benchmarks Of Amazon's EC2 Compute Cloud

    Last month we delivered our first benchmarks of the Amazon EC2 Cloud, but those initial tests were limited to just a few of their cloud computing instances due to failures with the Ubuntu EC2 operating system on their other compute instances. Earlier this month we then showed how the Amazon EC2 Micro was comparable to a Nokia N900 and Intel Atom, but now we have a more exhaustive comparison complete of all major Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud types. Using the Amazon Linux AMI operating system, we have run a plethora of performance benchmarks on the m1.small, m1.large, m1.xlarge, m2.xlarge, m2.2xlarge, m2.4xlarge, c1.medium, and c1.xlarge cloud computing instances.

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    That's a far more useful benchmark

    Actually showing bang for buck

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    Thanks, nice article on an interesting topic.

    Are there other publicly available compute services like this that could be compared with?

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