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You seem to be running into the problem mentioned on the previous pages of this thread and other threads. Still investigating why some seem to run into fireglcontrolpanel problems. What packages do you have installed?
Hello Michael and others,
First of all, thanks for all your work and help on getting the drivers working. I have a Dell Inspiron E1505 with the ATI Mobility Radeon X1300 running FC6, and I have found these forums very useful to sort through some of the problems I have encountered in trying to get full use out of my graphics card. BTW, my main motivation for this is to use Google Earth, which I can't at present because apparantly you need hardware acceleration to make effective use of it.

The fireglcontrol panel problem arises because for some reason the files generated by:
./ati-driver-installer-8.33.6-x86.x86_64.run --extract

do not include the bin directory and the fireglcontrol panel in the x710 subdirectory of the extracted files. It seems to be an omission. This directory and file are present in the subdirectories for the earlier version of the x server (x690, x700, and earlier ones). I simply copied the bin directory and file from one of the earlier ones to the x710 directory and was able to build a custom package successfully using:

./ati-installer.sh 8.33.6 --buildpkg Fedora/FC6

These then installed without any problems using yum.

Hope this helps people having issues with the fireglcontrolpanel.

I am still having issues getting DRI to work though. My custom built driver works, because I can get higher resolutions than with the VESA driver, but if I disable compositing I get some of the other issues of very slow response and eventual hang up mentioned by others in this forum. I have not been able to resolve this, and from what I have been able to make out reading this and other forums, there is no solution to this at present with the 8.33.6 drivers. I may need to go back to earlier drivers. Please let me know if my assessment is correct.

Thanks for all your help so far. Just for future reference in buying hardware - which graphics cards are most linux friendly - i.e. provide access to the latest technologies such as 3D, DRI etc (I don't know how all these are connected, but apparantly they are).